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Beat responds to Scottish Government review

Beat's response to the Scottish Government’s announcement of a national review of eating disorder services.

Beat’s National Officer for Scotland, Emma Broadhurst, says:

“Beat has been calling for a review of eating disorder services in Scotland, and so is delighted that the Scottish Government will now be implementing this once the work of the Mental Welfare Commission is complete.

“Specifically, we welcome that the review includes eating disorder services for both young people and adults and will make recommendations for how services should be delivered throughout Scotland, whether in urban, semi-urban or rural settings.

“The review should consult widely with patients, carers, clinical experts and other staff working in other key professions such as education and social care. We are keen to support the review in any way we can, and would encourage considering the provision of intensive day and home based treatment; the importance of families and other carers getting the information and support they need, and ensure systematic collection and reporting of high quality data on experiences of patients, carers and staff to enhance accountability. 

“There is also clear evidence for the importance of early intervention, so we would encourage the Government to consider introducing waiting time targets and the opportunity for sufferers to self-refer.

“To make sure all this is achieved, the Government must ensure that enough funding is made available so that the review’s recommendations can be implemented and as a result, the review leads to meaningful improvements for everyone affected by eating disorders in Scotland.”

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