Ask your election candidates to pledge their support

On Thursday 12 December, the United Kingdom will return to the polls to choose their representatives in Westminster and ultimately who will form the next Government*.

It’s important that whoever is elected hears from you, their constituent, and understands why it’s vital that people with eating disorders get help quickly. We’re asking you to contact your local candidates to call for their support in ensuring that eating disorders are caught early, and that people of all ages can get high quality treatment as soon as they need it.

Healthcare is a devolved issue, which means that the Governments in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland determine health policy for the NHS in their own countries.  However, your Member of UK Parliament (MP) will still be able to support the campaign to make a difference on eating disorders in your country.

With just a few clicks you can send a letter to all candidates in your area, showing that this issue matters to you and asking them to pledge their support.

Contact my candidates

We have written our own manifesto about what actions we would like to see the next Government take. You can read these below.

2019 Election Manifesto

Beat's manifesto for the 2019 General Election.

2019 Election Manifesto - Wales

Beat's Welsh manifesto for the 2019 General Election.

2019 Election Manifesto - Scotland

Beat's Scottish manifesto for the 2019 General Election.

2019 Election Manifesto - Northern Ireland

Beat's Northern Ireland manifesto for the 2019 General Election.

*Learn more about the difference between Parliament and Government, how politics works, the health system and much, much more at our next campaigner training day! Keep an eye on our Campaigns Events page as we’ll be announcing the date soon.