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Hummingbird - Online ARFID Support Group

What is Hummingbird?

We're glad you're interested in joining our online support group for those with ARFID navigating an eating disorder (no diagnosis is required). This is a virtual chat-room where you can expect a supportive community. In this judgment-free space, you have the option to share your thoughts by typing or simply listen to others—participation is entirely voluntary. Each session focuses on specific discussion points related to eating disorders, mental health, or self-care. Our moderators ensure a safe environment, and your privacy is respected. Engage in conversations, ask questions, or share your experiences through text. Feel free to engage in respectful discussions, knowing that empathy and understanding are at the core of our group. We're here to foster a sense of community and support as we help navigate you through your eating disorder journey towards recovery. Please see what our group looks like below:


When does it happen?

The Hummingbird ARFID support group runs on Thursday from 6.45pm to 7.45pm.

How do I join?

Don't worry, it's easy. Simply select the link below to access Hummingbird