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Views on eating disorder support in schools in Northern Ireland

Name of researchers: Dr Hassan Regan & Fionnuala Donald

Affiliation: Queens University Belfast

Email address: and

Who can take part?

Participants for this study include two groups: sixth-form pupils aged 16 to 18 years old in Northern Ireland (no lived experience of an eating disorder required), and parents or caregivers of children in Northern Ireland who have experienced disordered eating or an eating disorder during their school years.

What is the purpose of the research?

The study aims to gather insights from sixth-form pupils and caregivers of children with disordered eating or eating disorders (DE/ED) to understand how schools can effectively address these issues. The study aims to garner pupils' understanding and experiences (if relevant), identifies typical courses of action for pupils concerned about their own or peers' symptoms, and explores the school's role in support from both pupil and caregiver perspectives. The study also aims to explore what pupils have learned about DE/ED in the curriculum to identify current practices in ED education and areas for improvement. It seeks to generate recommendations for integrating ED education into the curriculum and explores caregivers' perspectives on school support and collaboration between home and school systems.

What does the study involve?

A short (10-15 minute) anonymous online survey with an optional post-survey interview for the pupil cohort.

How can someone take part?

Click below to access the relevant online survey:

Pupil survey

Parent/Caregiver survey