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Ambassadors are experts by experience who help to bring to light the realities of living with an eating disorder, addressing the misconceptions and stigma surrounding these complex and serious mental illnesses. They are a diverse, creative group of people who each have a unique story to share. Through doing so, they help create a compassionate community where everyone can be open about mental health. 

The Ambassador spoke bravely and very openly about his battle with anorexia nervosa, something which is rarely heard about via men and boys, leaving it commonly stigmatised as ‘a girl’s illness'. 

Beat’s Ambassador programme empowers anyone who has been affected by an eating disorder to raise awareness. Most of our Ambassadors have recovered from eating disorders themselves but we have a small number of Ambassadors who have been affected by a loved one’s eating disorder. 

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Key to Beat’s work is raising awareness of eating disorders among the public, and our Ambassadors – experts on eating disorders by personal experience – are a vital and inspirational part of that. Beat Ambassadors give free talks in workplaces, schools and universities, healthcare facilities and more, giving audiences a unique insight into these complex mental illnesses. 

The honest talks greatly expanded students’ understanding of the complicated nature of eating disorders. The Ambassadors were open to the questions and with clarity explained their personal experiences… The students found the session very useful, both personally and for their studies. 

Through their talks, Ambassadors aim to help you understand more about eating disorders, including the signs to look out for and the importance of getting help for an eating disorder as quickly as possible. They’ll debunk some of the common myths and misconceptions that lead to stigma around eating disorders and that can keep people from getting the early treatment they need. They’ll also highlight Beat’s work, and the important role we can play in supporting anyone affected by an eating disorder.

It was humbling to have a candid insight into the all-consuming nature of an eating disorder. [The Ambassador’s] account really consolidated all the learning we had done that day and was so motivational. Having a 'real life' version of so much theoretical knowledge was great… I hope that
what we are learning will help others in the future. 

All of our Ambassadors know first hand what it’s like to live through and recover from an eating disorder. As well as equipping you with information that could help you support someone you know, they’ll offer an honest and inspiring insight into their personal experience to help you better understand these illnesses, and show that people can and do make a full recovery.

Talks are completely free, and currently delivered virtually. They last around 30 to 50 minutes, including time for Ambassadors to answer questions, and can be adapted to suit lots of different audiences, including student groups, school staff, HR teams, and more. 

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Engaging and inspiring, these Ambassadors are invaluable to talks such as these. I admire each and every one of them so much, and I hope that through promoting the issue, they are able to help even more people to start recovering and achieving the happiness they deserve.