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I can't eat

I can't eat I'm not hungry
I can't eat I feel sick
I can't eat I'm too busy
The excuses are slick

Not when I'm this nervous
With so much to do
There's a lump in my throat
No food can get through 

I can't eat I'm too numb
Blocking out all the pain
I couldn't eat when he hurt me
Nothing tasted the same

I can't eat I've no money
And just enough there
To feed my two boys
The cupboards are bare 

I hide in my car
I need to use the phone
More social events?
I want to be alone

I can't eat someone's watching
I can't eat they must know
They talk of me shrinking
The space in my clothes 

I can't eat but I'm okay
I don't feel ill anymore
The food doesn't taste good
I can't eat like before

I can't eat I weigh too much
I'm not thin don't be rude
I put on too much weight
When I eat too much food 

I know I'm okay
It's all in their mind
How can I be ill
when I feel just fine

My limbs they are aching
The headaches are grim
The result of the stress
Not a pursuit to be thin

I can't eat I'm not hungry
It's no longer a blip
Not an excuse anymore
Food makes me sick

I can’t eat but I’m trying
Start again every meal
Building up what I eat
Breaking down what I feel

Contributed by Anonymous