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I’d recommend skydiving for Beat to anyone!

I’ve chosen to raise funds for Beat for a very special, personal reason. In the summer of 2013, I was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa. After four years of treatment, I finally managed to overcome the illness. However, I don’t believe I could have coped without being surrounded by such a strong support network provided by my family and the charity. I wanted to raise money for a charity by catching people’s attention; I wanted to do something that was so out of the ordinary and something that would make Beat proud.

So organising my own skydive event in the summer of 2017 was a no brainer! Beforehand, I hadn’t a clue how to start fundraising. So I did my online research, and it wasn’t long until I found a tonne of supportive websites. The site I chose helped me to structure my own fundraising page, which provided an element of professionalism to my cause. Best of all, all online donations go directly to Beat.

Altogether, I raised an astounding £447, reaching far beyond my goal of £250! I wish to thank all of my loved ones and generous strangers who dug deep in their pockets towards such a valuable cause.

On the eve before my skydive, I can remember feeling the anxiety creeping in. I mean, it’s only expected to feel this way. After all, I was jumping out of a plane at 12,000 ft! So, if anyone is feeling the nerves kicking in, just remember the kind of amazing cause you’re doing it for. The charity Beat has helped so many people like myself who have had an eating disorder and their families to overcome their issues. Now you’re one of the heroes paving the way by raising money, so Beat can continue to reach many other families and individuals in need.

On the day of the jump, as I touched solid ground once again, I felt like I was on cloud nine (literally)! The minute I hugged my loved ones, still with my parachute stuck to me, I felt like I had done something so good that money simply cannot afford.

I’d recommend skydiving for Beat to anyone! It’s such an adrenaline rush and so out of the ordinary that you’ll be overwhelmed with the response. To begin your fundraising, do what I did and put out your message to your friends, family, school or workplace, and you’ll soon start to make great progress! Good luck x

Contributed by Ffion