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Q&A: Trekking Iceland for Beat

Kelly took part in a trek through the Icelandic wilderness to fundraise for Beat in July this year, and has answered some questions to inspire other fundraisers!

1. What made me sign up for the Iceland Trek in aid of Beat?

I found myself at a stagnant stage in my recovery and needed a focus to stay well. I also wanted to do something that would make me feel I could achieve something positive and do something completely independent.

I wanted a reason to remain well and prove to myself I could push myself.

2. What was my experience of fundraising?

It was hard at times. I signed up near to Christmas last year and so took the opportunity to seek out local events and fayres.

A lot of companies/people hadn't heard of the charity, but I was able to provide info and how helpful it had been for me.

3. What worked for me in terms of fundraising?

4. Personal highlights?

5. Was it all I expected?

I didn't know what to expect and I was scared in all honesty! Nothing had prepared me for the weather. I thought it may have been a more intense trek (physically) but I think due to my training and the hours I put in, it wasn't as hard as I thought.

6. Advice to others considering it...

7. Sum up my experience in 3 words....

Complete game changer.

Contributed by Kelly

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