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GB Hockey rock their socks in support of EDAW!

Olympic gold medalists GB women’s hockey team wore their brightest and boldest socks in support of Beat, the UK’s eating disorder charity.

Hannah Macleod, Alex Danson, Maddie Hinch, Shona McCallin, Ellie Watton, Hollie Pearne-Webb and Amy Tennant posted pictures on Twitter using the hashtag #SockItToEatingDisorders to mark Eating Disorders Awareness Week, which concludes this Sunday, 4 March.

Danson, who represented team GB at both the London and Rio Olympic Games, had a direct experience of eating disorders as her sister Claire, who is a professional triathlete, was diagnosed with anorexia in 2009.

She wrote yesterday: “My amazing sister Claire beat it...If you think you can’t, she taught me you can.”

Hannah Macleod, who retired from international hockey in 2017, will be running the London Marathon this year to fundraise for Beat.

“Macleod, who has now a coaching role with the England Under 21 side, said: “I have seen a number of team mates over the years suffer with disordered eating and been frustrated by the lack of support they've received. Without a doubt there needs to be more coach education and general awareness on the signs and symptoms to look out for”

“I've used Beat to gain a better understanding of this area, so I can better support the athletes I now coach.”

Hannah is aiming to raise £925 by April 2018. To help her out, please click here.

Beat has been inviting everyone to dig out their brightest, boldest socks this Eating Disorders Awareness Week to help provide support, tackle barriers to desperately needed treatment, and challenge the stigma.

Recent research by Beat found that eating disorder sufferers face an average wait of three-and-a-half years for specialist treatment.

During that time, by far the longest gap came between symptoms first emerging and people recognising these as an eating disorder. Almost as much time went by between this realisation and people taking the step to ask for help from their GP.

Andrew Auburn, Community Fundraising Officer at Beat, said: “Hannah and the rest of GB women’s hockey team support is truly amazing.

“We are so grateful to see they have backed our cause and we invite everyone to raise awareness of the early signs of eating disorders during EDAW and beyond.

“By wearing your socks at your workplace, school, or university and donating to Beat, you play a vital role in ending pain and suffering.

“A simple gesture can make a real difference to sufferers and their families”.