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10 ways I survived my first term at university

Starting university is scary for anyone. New people, a new environment, possibly living on your own for the first time, new routines…basically a whole new life! At the age of eighteen I had my place to study Music in September…however, I was also in the depths of anorexia. I remember my parents sitting me down and saying to me there was "no way in a million years" they were going to let me go.

I spent two years in and out of recovery after that. University was the ultimate goal for me, so I worked so hard to recover and rebuild my life again. Eventually, at the age of 20, I made it to university in September 2018. I changed courses and was ready to leave my comfort zone at home to seek out new adventures.

According to Beat’s research, 39% of eating disorder sufferers at university had to drop out or take a break from studies. I was determined to not be part of this statistic. So this is how I survived my first term at university with an eating disorder:

Contributed by Rachel

What happens when you start to feed your brain again?

5 May 2021

You have to learn how to live again and, like with any lessons, you often have to fail to learn the best way or the right way...

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"Things can improve, even when it feels hopeless"

29 April 2021

In the past I’ve wanted to hide the eating disorders that are part of my history, but I want to shout from the rooftops: I'm proud of how far I had come!

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"This year has taught me to be kinder to myself"

21 December 2020

What a year 2020 has been in general for everyone – it was a year no one ever could have imagined, from panic buying, toilet roll shortages, lockdowns and restrictions. Yet for so many, including me, the battle against an eating disorder continued.

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