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Empowering Care Enhancing eating disorder awareness and support in Essex- Presentations

You can access the day's presentations here, and if you need a reminder on the days activities, you can review the programme here

The Council Camber Presentations

The eating disorder landscape and challenges in Essex

Working in partnership with Beat

ARFID: Navigating challenges, supporting carers and stories of lived experience.

The power of peer support

Chamber Workshops:

Using self-help and coaching to support people with eating disorders

Navigating pathways and challenges – working in partnership

Workshop Presentations:

Crompton Room:

Supporting people with eating disorders through 1-1 coaching

Crompton Room:

Tools for schools identifying and supporting young people with disordered eating

Marconi Room:

Supporting carers through 1-1 coaching

Marconi Room:

Helping equip carers with skills and techniques to care for a loved one using the POD platform and range of training offers

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