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Organising a collection

There are many ways of collecting donations for Beat!

Collections at your event

Beat can provide you with collection tins, boxes, and buckets for donations at your event. Please make sure these are clearly visible and if possible, under the supervision of an event organiser or chained and secured in place.

Once you have banked the donations, please return your buckets and tins to:

Beat, Unit 1, 19 Rosary Road, Norwich, NR1 1SZ

Public collections

If you are considering holding a collection in a public place you must apply for a licence from your local authority. You will also need to contact Beat so that we can supply you with collection buckets and a certificate of authority.

Remember that you will be representing Beat while fundraising, so please do not put any pressure on members of the public to donate, or shake the collection buckets. Make sure that you avoid blocking pathways, and do not approach anyone that is in a queue or sitting down in a public place.

Static Collection Tins

Always ask permission before leaving a collection tin on a counter in a shop or pub. Asking local businesses if they are happy to display a Beat collection tin is a great way to raise valuable funds for Beat. To do this the business will need a letter of authority from Beat, which you can request along with the number of tins you need by emailing

Always make sure that the collection box is secure by chaining or locking it in place while on display!