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Game On!

From board games to video games. Level up your fundraising by holding a gameathon or sponsored play.


Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, in a first play-through or aiming to break your streak, you can raise fundraise while you stream to help us support people affected by eating disorders.

From FIFA to Fortnite, create your own gaming challenge and rally up your community.

Shaun (pictured right) held a 12-hour gaming marathon challenge stream and raised over £700. Read more about his fundraiser here for inspiration!

How to get started

  1. Choose your gaming challenge and set a date and time.
  2. If you're online gaming, link your twitch account to your Just Giving page.
  3. Personalise your Just Giving page by sharing your story and connection to Beat.
  4. Game On! Use our handy fact sheet to update everyone during your gaming about how your fundraising will support Beat and raise awareness.

Fundraising Hub

Everything you need to fundraise in one place. Get your fundraiser started by exploring our resource hub and feel inspired by previous fundraisers.

Tips for your fundraising

  • Ask friends and family to join you with the challenge or set up your very own virtual team!
  • Ask for fancy dress nominations or shout out requests in exchange for a donation during your stream.
  • Use our fact sheet in your fundraising pack to shout about why your fundraising and awareness raising is so important to the lives of people affected by eating disorders.
  • Set a target. Aim high and keep your friends and family posted on how close you are to reaching your goal!

Please follow our Fundraising Guidelines to ensure your fundraising is suitable, legal, and safe for everyone involved.

It’s important to choose a fundraising activity that is right for you depending on your interests, skills, free-time, and your health. It’s especially important that you choose an appropriate fundraising activity, if you have previous experience of an eating disorder or are in recovery.