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Write to your MP/Local Politician

Writing to your MP or Members of Scottish Parliament, Members of the Senedd (Wales) or Member of the Legislative Assembly (Northern Ireland) can be a really good way of putting the issue of eating disorders on their radar.

It might be that you feel strongly about improving waiting times for eating disorders, or you might feel that there needs to be more research on eating disorders into new treatments to help people recover.

Or perhaps you’re worried that not enough is being done to help medical professionals to be able to identify eating disorders in their patients.

Read our guide to writing to your local politician.

As a top tip, try and keep your letter short i.e. the equivalent of one page. You can always send them another letter another time if you want to email them about something else!

Why not see if they can ask a Parliamentary question on the issue you are raising? Parliamentary questions have to be answered and are in the public domain so not only do you get to see what the Minister plans to do in answer to your issue, it means the public can hold the Government to account if it doesn’t happen!