Policy Statements and Reports

Changes needed to government anti-obesity strategies

Beat has published a report on the risks to people with eating disorders caused by government anti-obesity strategies.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Intensive programmes, such as Day Treatment Programmes (DTPs) and home-based treatment, are becoming more common in the treatment of eating disorders. 

A statement from Beat in response to Black Lives Matter

Beat stands against racism and inequality in all its forms, and we stand with the Black Lives Matter movement.

2019 General Election Manifestos

The General Election is an important opportunity to have your say over access to treatment and support for people affected by eating disorders.

Family Empowerment

Beat has launched new guidance encouraging healthcare providers to ensure better support for families of people with eating disorders.

Treating vegan patients with eating disorders

Veganism is a way of living based on the principle of avoiding animal use as much as possible, encompassing both dietary and non-dietary choices. 

Eating Disorders Matter: Manifesto for Wales

Read about Beat's demands on the next Welsh Government.