Wales Government seeks views on new national curriculum

Posted 09/07/2019

The Welsh Government wants to hear your views on their draft national curriculum. It will outline what schools will be expected to include in their curricula from 2022 onwards. It will be classed as ‘statutory guidance’, so schools will have to follow what it says, unless they can in specific instances provide a good reason not to.

Members of the public, including teachers and other school staff and organisations, can submit their feedback online by 19 July 2019.

If you live or work in Wales and would like to share your views with the Welsh Government you can take part in their online consultation here.

The Welsh Government will then analyse the feedback and intends to publish the final guidance in January 2020. In September 2022, the new curriculum will be introduced from nursery up to and including Year 7. From 2023 – 2026, the new curriculum will be rolled out to Years 8 – 11.

The draft guidance envisages four ‘key purposes of the curriculum’. These are to create:

  • Ambitious, capable learners.
  • Healthy, confident individuals.
  • Ethical, informed citizens.
  • Enterprising, creative contributors.

Much of the content is presented across a series of different sections, which are called ‘Areas of learning an experience’. One of these is on ‘Health and Well-being’. Beat will be submitting a response to the consultation, focused on the content of this part.

In our response we are planning to call for additions and changes to the draft guidance that we believe will help ensure pupils in Welsh schools:

  • Learn about the key signs and symptoms of disordered eating or an eating disorder and how to seek help for themselves or a friend.
  • Receive teaching that dispels myths about eating disorders and encourages compassion towards those affected.
  • Learn how to seek and access safe and helpful sources of support online if they are experiencing poor mental health.
  • Are taught about the importance of balanced diets, rather than being encouraged to count calories or being told that some foods are ‘bad foods’.

This consultation is an opportunity to use what you have learnt through your experiences to help shape the way that Welsh pupils are taught in future. If you’d like to take part in the consultation you can do so here. The consultation closes on 19 July.