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Welsh research team seeking views on tele-psychiatry in CAMHS

A research team based in Aneurin Bevan University Health Board is seeking views on tele-psychiatry in CAMHS.  The research project is called CWTCH (Connecting with Telehealth to Children in Hospital) and will give young people in hospital, clinics and other healthcare settings the option to have a 'video appointment' (via phones, tablets, or laptops) with members of the CAMHS team.

The research team would like to understand how people feel about using tele-psychiatry for seeing a CAMHS clinician via video rather than face-to-face before they start using it within the service.

The team has developed a questionnaire that is a general public opinion survey regarding the use of tele-psychiatry for CAMHS appointments and they would like to know your thoughts. The questionnaire is open to everyone regardless as to whether you have been involved with CAMHS or not.

You can access the survey here and you can follow the work of the research team on twitter.

If you would like to any more information regarding this research, please contact the CWTCH team:

Charlotte Thomas-Johnson at

or Gemma Johns at