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20th Anniversary of Scottish Parliament

The 20th Anniversary of Scottish Parliament and Beat are taking action!

Happy birthday Scottish Parliament – 2019 sees the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Scottish parliament and Beat have been working to ensure maximum positive engagement for our campaigners to engage with their MSPs, have their voices heard and champion Scottish politicians to take forward important issues about eating disorders on behalf of their constituents.

At the end of May 2019, we hosted an exciting Scotland Campaigner Action Day. Campaigners contacted their local and regional MSPs through email ad letters and arranged to engage face to face to share their personal experiences and advocate the changes they feel need to happen – so everyone in Scotland can rapidly receive the specialist treatment they deserve, when impacted by an eating disorder.]

Campaigners also benefited for an information and awareness session delivered by the Scottish Parliament Outreach team, in addition to a tour of the Parliament building.

Feedback from the day showed the positive atmosphere and impact for our volunteers:

“Today has ben and incredible opportunity. I have learned a lot about how procedures in Parliament work and have gained an insight into campaigning and the importance of voicing for change. I am so grateful to everyone we met in Parliament today who seemed so understanding and helpful. This experience has been empowering – and I am excited and hopeful to see the improvements that will happen to positively impact those affected by an eating disorder in Scotland.”

After the day, many follow up meeting with individual politicians were facilitated to take place – promoting and discussing Beat’s key policy asks for Scotland.

Our 3 key policy asks are:

You can support our campaigns and contact your MSP here:

End the Wait in Scotland

Medical Student Training

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