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Marking Beat as a Safe Sender

We know how annoying it is when you’re waiting for an email only to discover it days later in your junk folder. We’ve put together this list of instructions to help ensure you never miss a newsletter from Beat again!

Please note, depending on your preferences, we may contact you from these email addresses as well:


  1. On the HOME tab, click JUNK then JUNK E-MAIL OPTIONS.
  2. Click SAFE SENDERS and then ADD.
  3. Paste (or those listed above) into the text area and click OK.
  4. Click APPLY and then OK.

  1. Click on the COG ICON in the top right corner and then click OPTIONS.
  2. Navigate down to JUNK FOLDER and click SAFE MAILING LISTS.
  3. Paste into the text area and click +.
  4. Next, click SAFE SENDERS
  5. Paste into the text area and click +.

Make sure we’re not marked as spam or junk by navigating to the JUNK EMAIL FOLDER and searching for If there, right click and then MARK AS NOT JUNK.


  1. Click GMAIL and select CONTACTS.
  2. Click ADD A CONTACT.
  3. Add BEAT and paste into the text area.
  4. Click SAVE.

To ensure we’re not marked as spam, navigate to the SPAM FOLDER and search for If there, click MORE and then NOT SPAM.


  1. Click the CONTACTS ICON then NEW CONTACT.
  2. Add BEAT and paste into the text area.
  3. Click SAVE.