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Beat works with partners across the UK to deliver valuable services to help people affected by eating disorders and those supporting them in both professional and personal capacities.

A major aspect of Beat’s work is helping people with eating disorders to access treatment as early as possible. Earlier treatment means the thinking and behaviour associated with their illness is less ingrained, improving the person’s chances of a full and sustained recovery, so much of our work with Trusts involves helping those who might be best placed to help people into early treatment to spot the signs and make an effective referral to an eating disorders specialist.

Beat offers two training packages as part of its contracts, one for professionals based in schools, and one for people currently caring for someone with an eating disorder.

For professionals

Young people can be particularly vulnerable to developing an eating disorder. Those working with them in schools are ideally placed to notice the early signs and get anyone who needs it into treatment, giving them the best chance of recovery. Our training for professionals based in schools is ideal for teachers, school counsellors, school nurses, and anyone else working in this environment with young people who may be vulnerable. It helps professionals to understand:

  • The psychology behind an eating disorder.
  • How to talk to someone they’re concerned about with empathy and early on in their illness to help them get treatment as quickly as possible.
  • How to make an effective referral for a pupil they’re worried about.
  • How to relate with confidence to those affected by an eating disorder.
  • How to plan strategies for self-management/compassion.

We also provide those training with resources to help delegates remember what to do and say if a young person they work with is showing signs of an eating disorder, as well as information that can be given to the young person and to their parents and carers, such as details of our support services. We offer continual support through a helpline for professionals.

For carers

The ethos behind Collaborative Care Skills (CCS) is that professionals, carers and people with an eating disorder can work together towards recovery. We empower people caring for someone with an eating disorder through a series of workshops, helping them to:

  • Support the young person in overcoming obstacles to recovery.
  • Look after their own needs as the person they’re caring for goes through recovery.
  • Learn practical skills for dealing with difficult situations.

The workshops and skills taught are based on proven evidence from clinical and academic research. Attendees who are interested can also go on to receive further training, helping to deliver another aspect of Beat’s support for carers: peer support groups where carers can benefit from the chance to share challenges and suggestions with each other, getting support from other people who understand what they’re going through.

If you would like to commission Beat to work with your Trust or organisation, please get in touch with our contracts team on