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Are you an NHS Trust, clinical network or CCG wanting to help people affected by eating disorders in a professional and personal manner? At Beat, we offer training to do just that as part of our contract work.

We have a track record of successful partnerships with providers throughout the UK. Our partners see substantial improvements in outcomes and increased levels of satisfaction from their service users. And we will work with your organisation to ensure that the services we provide are aligned to your strategy.

Having Beat as an external resource is extremely beneficial, not only for us as professionals but for the parents and young people that are using our service. The advice and support they provide is invaluable as it is current, accurate and from a position of true understanding.West Midlands Clinical Network.

All our services are delivered by clinicians with experience of working in eating disorder services, meaning that we are also CPD accredited. Our clinicians are supported and co-delivered by our Ambassadors – those who have recovered from their eating disorder or carers who have supported a loved one through their illness.

Beat offers a wide variety of learning and development courses for a range of audiences, covering two themes: early intervention and family empowerment. There are many different options you can choose from to meet your requirements – commission each theme as a full package or pick and choose which individual courses you need to suit your service users.

If you would like to commission Beat to work with your Trust or organisation, please get in touch with our contracts team via email.

Early Intervention

The early intervention programme aims to reduce the number of people who wait until crisis point before seeking and accessing the treatment they need. This package improves professional awareness of the signs and symptoms of eating disorders.

Beyond the Symptoms

This training course will help healthcare professionals identify when a patient has an eating disorder and confidently intervene early.

Spotting the Signs

This training course is designed to enable any school staff member to spot the signs of an eating disorder and help pupils into treatment quickly.

Family Empowerment

The family empowerment programme aims to empower families and carers to support a loved one into and through treatment, promoting and sustaining recovery. This package includes a carers two-day workshop, an additional one-day workshop to support families at Christmas time and Echo, our peer coaching service. 

Developing Dolphins 

This workshop helps anyone caring for someone in a personal capacity to develop skills to work with their loved one towards recovery.

Coping with Christmas 

Christmas can be a challenging time. This workshop helps carers support their loved one with an eating disorder through the pressures that come with the season.


Parents and carers receive coaching and support from someone who has been through it already to help them guide a loved one towards recovery.

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Are you a university or another type of organisation?

We also offer specialist training to other types of organisations such as universities with our Bridging the Gap course, as well as bespoke training courses for anybody else wanting to raise awareness of eating disorders. 

Bespoke Training 

Our bespoke training meets organisational needs by tailoring the session to a specific audience or refining one of our existing courses.

Bridging the Gap

This training course will help university professionals to approach and connect students with treatment services and support networks.