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20 November 2017

Accept responsibility where it’s warranted. Relinquish it where it’s not.

As with mental illnesses in general, responsibility is a major issue when it comes to eating disorders.

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29 August 2017

Perfectionism and procrastination

If you ran a marathon without any shoes on you certainly wouldn’t win, so don’t punish yourself if you’ve had setbacks because of an eating disorder.

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18 August 2017

How Developing Anorexia Aged 30 Affected My Daughters

It was a shock to be diagnosed with anorexia at the age of 32. I wasn’t a teenager, I didn’t see myself as skinny, I was still eating.

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15 August 2017

Dear Anorexia

It seems strange to write a letter to someone or something that isn’t a physical entity, but at the same time couldn’t be more real to me.

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15 August 2017

Finding Your Voice In Recovery

For me, letting go of anorexia and choosing recovery was about acknowledging that I had an identity separate from the eating disorder.

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15 August 2017

What NOT to Say to Someone Recovering From an Eating Disorder

There are a lot of things that often trigger people recovering from an eating disorder. Here are some of them.

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21 July 2017

5 Things Never to Say to a Recovering Anorexic...

5 things never to say to a recovering anorexic. Dr Pooky Knightsmith Hesmondhalgh's post is invaluable for parents, partners, family members &friends.

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13 May 2017

Recovery was a hell of a journey, but it's possible and so worth it

I want to raise awareness of this terrible illness and what it does, not just to the sufferers but also to the ones around them.

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3 May 2017

"I want more for my life than what anorexia has to offer."

Anorexia was not a part of my early life. I was a pretty normal teenager, I didn’t really rebel.

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20 March 2017

Recovery, compliments and misinterpretation

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my family. Anorexia is the darkest and deepest hole and I wouldn’t be where I am today without their support.

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9 January 2017

I wasn't a typical anorexic – the fight to get help

I never considered myself a typical anorexic, because it didn’t start in my teens. It wasn’t until I was 31 that I started restricting in order to cope with my divorce. I’d found out my husband was having an affair and he showed no remorse, no emotion.

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2 January 2017

"Recovering one recipe at a time"

My name is Katie, I am 36, and I am recovering from anorexia. I have lived with anorexia for nearly seven years.

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