Be Kind To Yourself Challenge

As we begin to emerge from lockdown, the future looks uncertain and can feel a bit scary. And looking around at everyone on social media, it can feel like you should be coming out of lockdown having learnt five new skills, got fit, re-decorated your home, landscaped the garden and ultimately become a better version of you. Don’t let these unrealistic pressures get to you. Instead, during this time, make sure you are being kind to yourself.

So, for Mental Health Awareness Week celebrate kindness by doing what you love to fundraise for Beat. Set yourself a Be Kind to Yourself Challenge to take part in during the week and stick to, doing something for your challenge every day!

Set up your just giving page

You choose your challenge just make sure it's something that makes you feel good. For example, you could:

Get your closest friends together virtually for an online pamper evening.

Bake and decorate lovely cupcakes and share them with your neighbours.

Get crafty or artistic to produce things to share with the people you love.

Perform an act of kindness every day that makes you feel good and probably someone else too!

Grow seedlings into beautiful plants and then sell them to your local community in return for donations.

Do something bold and brave like going Bald for Beat – it's the perfect time to do it!

Whatever you decide to do make sure you tell people about it. Tell them how you’re being kind to yourself and why you’d like them to support your challenge by donating to Beat.

Get started with your Be Kind To Yourself Challenge today by setting up your JustGiving Page or Facebook Fundraiser.

Set up your just giving page

Have fun and stay safe! Please ensure you follow our Fundraising Guidelines and the Government’s guidelines at all times.

Amy raised £921 by going Bald for Beat!

As I was browsing Twitter during lockdown I happened upon an appeal from Beat for funds to support their Helpline. It hit me right in the heart because I've used the Helpline before when I was really struggling with my own eating disorder. The person who spoke to me was so kind and helpful. Without doubt they helped me on my road to recovery. I know how hard lockdown has been on my own mental health and to lose a resource like this would be devastating for people who are struggling.

I created a JustGiving page to share on social media and with friends and family. I was contacted by Beat and offered support and some really great graphics to share on my page. I was so overwhelmed with the support I received, especially as I know how tough things are financially for people at the moment.