Developing Dolphins

Intended audience

Parents and other carers of those with anorexia nervosa and/or bulimia nervosa, over the age of 13

Learning outcomes

This two day workshop aims for carers to understand their loved ones illness and helps to ensure that they are able to support their treatment and recovery. 

This is based on the principles of the New Maudsley Method developed by Professor Janet Treasure.  The course teaches skills including the use of motivational interviewing as a means of providing calm and compassionate meal support and engaging motivation to change.  The 2 day workshop also emphasises the importance of self-care


Carers receive resources such as meal planning tools, motivational interviewing skills tips and strategies to evoke change.  Carers also receive a Beat branded stress ball, a book called Ed Says U Said – Eating Disorders Translator by June Alexander and Cate Sangster and continued support through our helpline services.


This session is available through contracts and grants. To enquire about this training, please contact