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Are you interested in receiving eating disorders training from one of our experienced clinical associate trainers?  

Coming soon to a town or city near you!

We are soon going to be holding a one day training course in locations across the UK including Scotland & Wales.

‘Tip of the Iceberg’ goes into the greater depths of what an eating disorder is and dispels myths and stigma around the illness. Looking at what’s happening underneath the surface to truly understand and support someone you are concerned about and most importantly how you can help them.

This course will be suitable for all backgrounds, whether you are a healthcare professional, teacher, student or someone with an interest in eating disorders.

Our one day ‘Tip of the Iceberg’ training course will be delivered by one of our expert clinical trainers and it will give you the necessary knowledge & skills to spot the signs and symptoms of an eating disorder, and give a deeper understanding of what life is like for someone with the illness. 

You will also learn strategies & techniques on how to best support someone who shows signs of an eating disorder and have a greater awareness of the services and treatments available.  

We will be holding these courses across the country, so if you would like our training sessions to come to your area then please register your interest and watch this space for further announcements!

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