The Skeleton Cupboard

Author: Tanya Byron

Date Of Publication: 03/10/2014

This book is an honest account of Professor Tanya Byron’s experiences of, and views on, her early clinical placements, personal perspectives from her own family history, and an appraisal of how society and clinicians view mental health. This book would be an interesting and enlightening read, for anyone who has suffered with mental health problems, cared for someone with mental health problems or who works within the mental health sector.

The frankness and honesty that Tanya applies to her training, how this impacts on her and the outcomes for those in her care, makes for a refreshing read and she is not afraid to challenge what is perceived as the “norm”.

Chapter Five covers Byron’s placement in an eating disorder unit, but she also reflects on her personal experiences of attending an all-girls private school and the culture of purging amongst her peers. Some people may find this chapter triggering. However, Byron offers a valuable insight to this subject and other mental health conditions.

This book is not always an easy read in that it deals with the depths of despair with which individuals have to deal when facing mental health issues. But therein rests the essence of the book in that these are individuals, and should be respected, listened to and supported accordingly.

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