The Big Jump

Have you always wanted to skydive but never wanted to do it alone? Perhaps you’ve dreamt of jumping for yourself, a loved one or even together and now's the right time? Just as you won’t have to jump alone, your jump will also mean fewer people have to face their illness alone.

Join us for one day only, on Saturday 15th May 2021 for this unique opportunity to take on The Big Jump together with a team of like-minded people. Hundreds of brave jumpers will all skydive on the same day to help end the pain and suffering caused by eating disorders.

Make the most of our special offer – book now and pay just £50.

Why should I jump?

  • You will be doing a tandem skydive in a group, and can do it with friends and family too.
  • You will have an exhilarating and adrenaline filled experience. 
  • You won’t need to travel far to find your nearest skydive airfield.
  • You will feel brave, bold and truly empowered. 
  • You will inspire others and send a powerful message of hope, resilience and recovery. 
  • You will receive support, guidance and easy tips to fundraise.

Where can I jump?

What's next?

Once you complete your booking, we'll be in touch to:

  • Support you in reaching your £450 fundraising target. Fundraising is easy with Just Giving and our fundraising pack.
  • Send you your free Beat T-shirt.
  • Support you right up to the day of the jump. On the day, you'll undertake thirty minutes of training then jump secured to an experienced, professional instructor.

Downloadable resources 

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Can't make 15th May 2021? Click here to book a skydive on a different date.

Please refer to Skyline's important information and medical form before booking. 

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