Transformational Gifts

We want to partner with visionary donors capable of the most significant gifts, to help create a future where eating disorders are prevented and cured.

Your gift, your impact

To create the most far-reaching impact for the people we support, we are seeking ambitious philanthropists able to make gifts in excess of £10,000. Your impact can be as deep or as broad as you choose – from solving a specific challenge faced by people with eating disorders, to changing government policy to improve the lives of future generations.

Our transformational opportunities

Our priorities are always evolving as we learn more about eating disorders. We will work with you to channel your gift to where it’s needed most, or to invest in one of our priority projects (see below). We also welcome the chance to reflect your specific areas of concern, or to harness your experience and expertise to design bold new projects for people living with eating disorders.

Where Need is Greatest

We are constantly monitoring the challenges faced by people using our services. Working closely with you, we will direct your gift to where the needs are greatest.

Expanding our Helpline

Our helpline services support over 5,000 people a month, 365 days a year, via phone calls, web chats, emails, and online support groups. But with 11,000 additional people becoming ill every month, we need your help to expand.

Campaigning for Change

Support us to campaign for long-term, systemic change including reduced NHS waiting times, better training for GPs, or more funding into medical research to understand eating disorders.

Support for Families

Your gift could train or provide ongoing coaching for people caring for someone with an eating disorder. They will develop the skills to support their loved one towards recovery in a positive, practical way.

Training for Teachers

Children are nine times more likely to tell a teacher than a parent about an eating disorder. You can help us train teachers to spot the early signs of eating disorders, and feel confident supporting pupils into treatment. 

Research to Develop New Services

Your gift can help us research what people with eating disorders need, develop new support services and training courses, and pilot these so that we can reach new groups of society.

How we will work together

A dedicated relationship manager will work with you to design your impact and ensure you are closely involved in how your investment is spent. We will recognise your contribution, including through opportunities to:

  • Meet our staff, Ambassadors and beneficiaries
  • Speak with our expert Helpline Advisors
  • Take training sessions on eating disorders
  • Attend exclusive events on the changing landscape, with like-minded individuals and world-leading academics.

Talk to us

Our philanthropy team can advise you on how you can have the greatest impact for people with eating disorders. To learn more, please email us.