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Will you give £1,200 a year – £100 a month – to provide a lifeline for people with eating disorders?

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My advice for Beat would be: keep doing the fantastic job they're doing – caring and saving lives every day. If it’s possible to reduce waiting timesHelpline service user

Lifeline 365 is a community of people making sure a friendly voice picks up the phone first time, every time.

To run a full helpline service 365 days a year, and ensure we have enough people on the line to pick up every time, will cost an average of £1,200 a day. Members of Lifeline 365 sponsor a day each year, at a cost of £100 a month.

You may wish to sponsor a particular day – perhaps a birthday, an anniversary of leaving treatment or in memory of someone special. Let us know on your donation form and we’ll celebrate your gift on that day.

We would be delighted to discuss the helpline, and our Lifeline 365 Club, with you. Just get in touch with our philanthropy team.

Once you join, our dedicated team will be in touch to welcome you to the club.

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The Helpline

For me, Beat has been more than just a charity, it’s been that friendly voice at the end of the phone on the days that I couldn't face eating. This service is more than just a helpline – it’s a lifeline. Helpline service user

Beat’s helpline is at the heart of our work. It runs 365 days a year, from 9am-8pm on weekdays, and from 4-8pm at weekends. Our trained teams support anyone affected by an eating disorder, listening to their concerns in a non-judgemental way and helping them to decide their best next step.

Through our helpline, we can stop these deadly illnesses taking more lives. After speaking to us, our callers seek treatment they may otherwise have missed. With the support of people like you, this saves lives, keeps families together, and gives young people the chance of a better future.

But, at the moment, only 60% of callers get through first time. We’re able to reach many through call backs, but for some this may be enough to put them off getting help. Your support is vital to ensure people get the help they need, when they need it.

Once you join, our dedicated team will be in touch to welcome you to the club.

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Beat’s helpline is incredible. I honestly do not know where I would be if it wasn’t for the support of the helpline team. I always come off the phone feeling empowered that I do deserve to get help and I do deserve to get better. Helpline service user

The Lifeline 365 Club is for people who are able to sponsor a day of helpline services each year, at a cost of £100 a month or £1,200 a year. You may choose to sponsor a specific day, which will become your Lifeline Day. Lifeline 365 membership is a wonderful way to use your own experience to help others, or to remember someone close to you.

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Our commitment to you:

  • A card on your Lifeline Day, to celebrate your role in running our helpline
  • A Lifeline 365 pin badge and fridge magnet
  • Regular updates from our helpline, and on Beat’s wider work, to keep you on the pulse of what’s happening in the fight against eating disorders
  • Invitations to special events to hear more about Beat’s work and meet with other supporters
  • Recognition on social media, the Beat website and annual Impact Report (unless you prefer to give anonymously)
  • Invitation to visit the helpline to see the work in action (after sponsoring 5 days)

To learn more about Lifeline 365, simply contact our philanthropy team.

Thank you for continuing to change my life and be a lifeline to me. You give me hope of beating this. Helpline service user

Once you join, our dedicated team will be in touch to welcome you to the club.

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