Please note, Beat have been funded to deliver these services which are currently available to those living in Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and London

Beat will provide 8 weeks of structured motivational work based on the Maudsley programme via weekly online support groups for low risk patients. Our structured Blossom groups are a good intervention as a holding space for people on managing their eating disorder to prevent deterioration in their condition whilst they are unable to access NHS treatment. The sessions are facilitated by a Beat Advisor and all messages shared in the group are moderated to ensure the space is safe and no triggering content is shared.

The aim of the 8 group sessions and the reflective tasks are:

  • Raise awareness of recovery within eating disorders
  • Gain an awareness of what recovery from an eating disorder is through discussion and sharing of experiences
  • Instil hope
  • Enhance motivation for change
  • Gain awareness of how the therapeutic programme all interlinks and is connected
  • Give ideas for future discharge planning
  • Identify early warning signs
  • Discuss ideas of ways of dealing with obstacles to change and how to maximise support for recovery

The objectives are:

  • Gain knowledge about recovering
  • Describe what is important in my personal recovery plan
  • Identify obstacles to my recovery and how they might be overcome
  • Identify supports, and how I can best use them
  • Develop my own recovery plan including early warning signs and how to respond to them