Solace - Northern Ireland

Solace is a free video-based peer support group hosted over Zoom. It’s for anyone supporting somebody with an eating disorder.

Beat have offered reassurance, contact with other parents who are  going the the same thing - either at the same time, ahead of you or a little bit behind. They are a comfort, inspiration and also it is great to share your own experiences knowing that another family might benefit? BEAT pass on training and knowledge which is vital in assisting the entire  family on this journey. It helps you to reflect on the way you approach and handle situations daily.

We are exhausted but grateful for the constant reminders to attend to self care in our Solace group. As a parent it can often seem like self indulgence but it is essential. Good to be reminded. Thank you for helping to hold us all together. It’s a long journey and a thousand thanks, ten times over for all that you do. 

What’s the aim of the group?

Solace gives you the opportunity to share how you’re feeling and get support from others who are caring for people with eating disorders.

How does Solace work?

The group is led by participants, while an experienced eating disorder clinician will facilitate and offer a theme to base discussion around, such as meal plans, setting boundaries and understanding why change is difficult. You’ll also get the chance to raise other points for discussion and, where possible, to speak with a Beat Ambassador, a person who has recovered from an eating disorder themselves.

How often is Solace available?

In Northern Ireland, Solace groups will run on Tuesdays from 19:00-20:30. Northern Ireland has a dedicated group to ensure conversation is relevant to its healthcare system. Should Tuesday be unsuitable, you can register for our UK group instead. 

To register your interest, please complete this form.

Do I have to commit to joining each week?

No. Every Solace group is booked individually, so you can decide whether you want to attend regularly or just occasionally.

Can I join more than one group per week?

You can, but please do be aware that spaces are limited and we would like to make sure as many people get support as possible.

What if I can’t join a group I’ve booked?

Please let us know as soon as possible if you won’t be using your space so that we can offer it to somebody else.

What is needed from me?

In order to join Solace, you’ll need a good internet connection and a working camera.

If you have other questions, please contact

Beat's Solace Group has really really helped me feel like I am helping others as we are further along the journey but also reassured me that there others going through this too.  Caring for someone is a hugely emotional experience and now that things are more calm and less emotional.