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Lived Experience Volunteer FAQ

What does the training involve for the Lived Experience Volunteer Role?

If you/loved one is over 1 year recovered, you will be invited to full lived experience volunteer training. This training will include information about Beat so that you feel confident in signposting others to our services. This training will also focus on how to share your story safely for you and a variety of different audiences.

If you/loved one are under 1 year recovered, you will not be able to get involved in awareness talks and media opportunities. However, you are still able to take part in internal and external co-production. Please note that you will not be trained immediately within this role but we will be in touch when relevant opportunities are available. You will receive training in co-production as part of this role.

As a lived experience volunteer am I able to arrange my own talks?

Yes! If you are over 1 year recovered and are fully trained, we want you to be organising talks and spreading awareness far and wide. However, all activity needs to be registered with the volunteer co-ordinator beforehand. As a volunteering team we need to monitor activity and make sure that we are there to support you with a debrief if needed.

As a Beat team we are particularly keen to raise awareness within these groups:

For safety and wellbeing reasons, we would ask that you DO NOT organise talks with the following groups:

Am I able to share that I am a volunteer with Beat on social media?

Yes but only after you have completed all of the relevant training and reference checks. Please be aware that you are representing Beat and so make sure that no dangerous content is shared on this channel.

If I am struggling in my recovery/ loved ones recovery who should inform?

There is a dedicated volunteer coordinator for this role, please get in touch to let them to let them know how you are feeling. This does not mean that you will necessarily need to stop volunteering – it could mean that you have a short break before returning or re-evaluating what activities you can get involved with so this is as safe and supportive as possible.

What support is available for me as a volunteer?

All volunteers receive monthly clinical supervision as part of the role. This is an opportunity to speak about your mental health and how the role is affecting you. This is also a great chance to connect with other volunteers. This is run online.

Is there a minimum requirement for volunteer activity per year?

If you are over 1 year recovered, we ask all lived experience volunteers to commit to a minimum of 15 hours per year. Opportunity emails are sent out from the volunteer coordinator fortnightly with a range of ways you can get involved. Please note, that these opportunities vary in time with some being during the day or evening sessions.

If you are less than a year recovered, there is no set minimum involvement as the commitment will vary depending which project you support.

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