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Becoming a Lived Experience Volunteer

Our Lived Experience Volunteers are a group of diverse individuals that share their story to bring hope and inspiration to those affected by eating disorders. They also educate those that work with those with eating disorders and have a key role in outreach to communities and professions that do not currently access Beat support. These volunteers support people to feel connected to Beat’s purpose and inspire listeners to take action to end the pain and suffering caused by eating disorders. These volunteers use their experience to support Beat and external projects which aim to improve the lives of those with eating disorders.

If you have Lived Experience of having/caring for a loved one we would love to hear from you.

To learn more about the role and the fabulous volunteers that make up our team please click below:

Our volunteers shape our work through their invaluable lived experience, but some communities are currently underrepresented. We're here to bust toxic stereotypes and help everyone affected by eating disorders — but to do that we need to hear from different voices. Therefore, we are currently only recruiting individuals that have the following experiences:

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If you have any questions about Lived Experience Volunteering please contact our team who will be happy to help

I am proud to turn a negative life event into a positive one, and to use my experience to help other families in tough times.

Beat Lived Experience Volunteer