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Lived Experience Strategy Panel

Thank you so much to everyone who has applied to join the panel. Due to a high level of interest, applications are now closed.

Where do we go from here? You could help us decide!

We’re looking for people with personal experience of eating disorders to help develop our new five-year strategy.

Right now, Beat’s shaping our direction for 2024 – 2029. The world looks very different to the last time we went through this process, and we want to be in the best position to support everyone affected by eating disorders.

To do that, we need you! Our best work happens in collaboration with experts by experience. So we’re putting together a panel of volunteers to help steer the strategy.

Who can join?

Anyone who’s had an eating disorder or supported someone through one can join the panel. If you’re a great collaborative worker who’s passionate about making things better for people affected by eating disorders, we want to hear from you!

It’s vital we represent the full breadth of eating disorders experiences. So we’re particularly keen to hear from people who are underrepresented in our work and the wider eating disorder field, including:

What will I be asked to do?

This is a long-term project, so we’ll ask you to commit for at least six months from September 2022. You’ll meet for an hour a fortnight, working with healthcare professionals, Beat staff, and others with lived experience.

You’ll support development of focus groups and surveys as well as sharing your insights, helping take Beat forward in our mission to end the pain and suffering caused by eating disorders.

How will Beat support me?

Your welfare is our priority. If you’ve been affected by eating disorders, please do think about whether you’re comfortable to share your experiences openly and able to keep yourself safe during and after meetings.

If you do join us, we’ll develop a support plan with you to make sure you feel empowered in your role on the panel. We’ll run a welcome and training session before formal meetings start in September. And we’ll support you with regular debriefs, access to our Helpline, and additional support from our clinicians if you need it.

If you’d like to know more, please contact: