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Beat Ambassadors

Our Ambassador programme is an essential part of our work to increase public awareness of eating disorders. Ambassadors are people who have personally gone through and recovered from an eating disorder, and they educate audiences with both information about eating disorders and their own insights.

The Ambassador programme welcomes anyone who’s experienced an eating disorder. We know that every person’s story is unique and aim to give a voice to people of all diagnoses, ages, genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds.


As a Beat Ambassador, you’ll be able to share the reality of these often-misunderstood illnesses through giving powerful and informative talks. You’ll debunk myths, highlight the early signs, and show that, with the right treatment and support, it’s possible to make a full recovery.

We support our Ambassadors to seek out opportunities to educate people – we know that if more people know how to approach someone showing the signs of an eating disorder then more individuals can get the early support they need. Beat Ambassadors have spoken in schools and in workplaces, at small training events and large conferences, to students, professionals, and those personally affected by eating disorders.

Being a part of a discussion panel with staff from a social media company was a truly rewarding experience. I highlighted my own experiences with social media, particularly during recovery, and suggested ways of improving the safety of users in terms of triggering content… Knowing I am making a difference, however small, to those suffering from eating disorders is really gratifying.

Beat Ambassador

We provide Ambassadors with resources to help you inform your audience about eating disorders. But we also encourage you to share your personal experiences, which we know are invaluable in helping people develop a deeper understanding and inspiring hope for recovery.

I fought back the tears listening to [the Ambassador’s] story, much of which could be my own daughter’s experience. [The talk] has given me hope that there is light at the end of this dark tunnel, something I had begun to believe didn’t exist… I finally feel I’ve listened to someone who “gets it”.

Ambassador talk attendee

We’re delighted that so many people are keen to help raise awareness of eating disorders, and grateful that so many of those who join the Ambassador programme stay with us for a long time, often not only sharing their story as an Ambassador but also fundraising, speaking to the media, and more.

Recruitment to the Ambassador programme is based on capacity, and we’re unable to guarantee a place to everyone who would like to join. However, if you are interested in becoming a Beat Ambassador, please fill out the form below. We will keep you up to date with opportunities to get involved with and support Beat’s work, and if we open recruitment in your area we’ll be in touch to invite you to apply to the Ambassador programme.

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A key requirement of the Beat Ambassador role is having the lived experience of eating disorder recovery. We ask that all Beat Ambassadors have been living a life unaffected by eating disorder thoughts and behaviours for at least a year. 

Beat Ambassadors are volunteers who share their experience of eating disorder recovery to raise awareness. Our Ambassadors have either recovered from an eating disorder themselves or have cared for someone who has. Typically they give talks about their experience and take questions. In order to give us the best chance of securing an Ambassador for your event or project and allow us to fully support their volunteering, we would recommend six to four weeks’ notice.