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Run 20

Run 20 miles your way throughout July!

You have 31 days to complete your challenge, whether you choose to run one mile a day, or break it down to one run a week.

Why Run 20?

Going to the doctor is often the first step when someone seeks help for an eating disorder, but too often doctors don’t know enough about them. Shockingly, 20% of medical schools don’t include any teaching on eating disorders and at others it is minimal. This isn’t good enough.

Run 20 this July to help us change this!

Taking on a fundraising challenge should be a fun, positive experience and should never pose a risk to your health. If you have previous experience of an eating disorder, or any other health issues, please seek advice from your doctor before signing up and ensure you have a strong support network around you. We strongly discourage anyone who is currently struggling with an eating disorder from taking on this challenge; there are lots of other ways you can support Beat, find one that’s right for you here.

Before signing up, please read our Fundraising Guidelines to help you decide if this is the right challenge for you.

How to get started

  1. Sign up for free – register by setting up your Just Giving page today
  2. Personalise your page - set your target and let everyone know why this challenge is important to you
  3. Get started - Share your page and start running from 1st July!
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Why your fundraising matters

The pandemic had a devastating impact on people’s mental health. Sadly, we know many people’s eating disorders got worse, some people relapsed, and, for many, the stresses and anxieties have led them to develop symptoms for the first time.

Now more than ever, we need doctors who are fully trained and equipped to spot the signs of eating disorders and get people the help they need.

Too often we hear from people who didn’t get the help they needed straight away because eating disorders are misunderstood.

My daughter was sent away after the first appointment to come back in six months. She deteriorated. We returned after five months and were then sent away for another month…On the third appointment he realised how serious things had become and she saw a specialist in two days. But at what price was the delay?

By supporting Beat you help change this. Together we can beat eating disorders.

Health and Wellbeing

Please follow our Fundraising Guidelines to ensure your fundraising is suitable, legal, and safe for everyone involved. It’s important to choose a fundraising activity that is right for you.  It’s especially important that you choose an appropriate fundraising activity, if you have previous experience of an eating disorder or are in recovery.