Schools Resources: 'Spot the signs'

Help share the message of Early Intervention to young people, in our nation’s schools. Make a gift to the ‘Spot the signs’ project today!

Beat is partnering with Ethos Education to create some new free resources for schools, as part of our commitment to early detection and intervention which facilitates speedy recovery from Eating Disorders. These resources will feature Dr Elizabeth McNaught, the former Beat Youth Ambassador who wrote the book Life Hurts: a doctor’s personal journey through anorexia.

The first of these school resources is already created. It is geared for Sixth Form Tutor Time and facilitates Peer Education through all ages at the school. Produced in association with the Be Real Campaign, this resource invites sixth formers to reflect upon 'what insights about Body Confidence have you gained, that you wish you had known when you were 13 years old?’ (and then consider how they might communicate these insights to younger pupils in their school). It comprises a discussion-starter film and a Teacher’s Guide, and can be freely downloaded from Take-One.TV

This first resource was funded by supporters of Ethos Education. Now funds must be raised to cover the cost of the second resource and to promote both resources to as many schools as possible. 

The second resource will focus on Beat's new Know the First Signs graphics. Also comprising a discussion-starter film and Teacher’s Guide, this resource will be suitable for all Secondary School ages. The content has been scoped by Ethos Education (see summary below) and simply awaits funding from donors. 

So, please partner with Beat and Ethos Education, to ensure we can reach many more young people. 

Please make your gift today (please quote “Spot the Signs” in the free text box when making your donation).

Notice to donors: Any surplus funds held, at the completion of this project, will be retained by Beat to use at the discretion of Beat’s Trustees towards charitable purposes as defined in Beat’s charitable objects.

Resource pack description

Discussion-starter film
  • Dr Elizabeth McNaught, in the back of an ambulance, talking about 
    • the importance of early intervention for many life-threatening conditions (such as heart attack and stroke), and explaining that early intervention is equally important for eating disorders.
    • her own story, highlighting what could have been different if she, and her friends and family, had spotted the early signs.
  • Cut to an animation of Beat’s Know the First Signs graphics, with Dr McNaught’s voice-over explanation.
  • Back to Dr McNaught in the back of an ambulance talking about
    • with many diseases, such as heart attacks & strokes, we don’t just look out for signs in ourselves, most importantly we also look for them in our friends and family.
    • we need to do the same with eating disorders.
Teacher’s Guide
  • Background material for teachers.
  • Short tutorial-plan (suitable for a 15 minute tutorial) and full lesson-plan (suitable for a PHSE lesson) developing the information shown in the film.
  • Assembly plan (suitable for a student-led assembly) incorporating the film.