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Join Beat at the iconic Great North Run 2019!

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Great North Run 2018
When I was 21 I was diagnosed with an eating disorder. Until earlier this year there were very few people who knew or that I had talked to about it. During a campaign for mental health week I shared my story for the first time and was surprised at how well received it was. I’ve always found that eating disorders are still treated as quite a taboo subject yet many people suffer from them. 
I chose to run the 2018 Great North Run for Beat to not only raise money for an amazing charity but to also raise awareness and hopefully get people who may be suffering to open up and realise there is support available to them. Running was a major part of my recovery and it was an amazing feeling to use something I’m so passionate about to raise money for a charity so close to my heart. - Rachel 

Join Team Beat and be part of the movement to end the pain and suffering caused by eating disorders. Thanks to our amazing team of fundraisers, our Helplines services are open 365 days a year, offering support and guidance to those affected by eating disorders.


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