Setting Up a Facebook Fundraiser

Whether you’re celebrating your birthday, sharing your story or have an activity planned, we’re really grateful that you have chosen to support Beat. A Facebook fundraiser is a quick and easy way to raise money so we can help even more people affected by eating disorders.

Set up a Facebook Fundraiser

Read our handy tips below to help boost your fundraising on your page:

  1. Tell your story – click the edit button on your page to personalise it by sharing your experience. Your story has power and by sharing it on your fundraising page you can help fight the stigma surrounding eating disorders, let others know they aren’t alone and raise awareness of these serious mental illnesses. Read more on sharing your story here. Remember not to include any content or images that could be triggering for others. A trigger warning isn’t enough! If it could be triggering, don’t share it.
  2. Share it further than just Facebook – share it on your other social media platforms to make sure you reach as many people as possible. People don’t have to be friends with you on Facebook to donate to your page so ask friends and family to share your page too!
  3. Send personal invites – you can send individual invites to your friends and family to ask them to make a donation to your page. Remember that some friends and family may not check Facebook on a regular basis, so although it may take a bit more time, it means they won’t miss out on their opportunity to support you.
  4. Thank people – Post a comment or send a message to everyone who donates to your page to let them know how much their support means to you.
  5. Remember to keep sharing – don’t feel disheartened if you don’t receive donations right away. Friends and family will appreciate the encouragement and reminder of your fantastic fundraiser.

Have fun and stay safe! Please ensure you follow our Fundraising Guidelines and the Government’s guidelines at all times.

Do Your Own Fundraising

From bake sales to charity golf days, we can raise awareness, and work towards ending the pain and suffering caused by eating disorders.

Setting Up a Just Giving page 

Read our step by step guide to set up your fundraising page and tips on how to personalise.