Overcoming Binge Eating

Author: Christopher Fairburn

Date Of Publication: 03/10/2013

If you have a problem controlling your eating, this book is for you.

Christopher Fairburn states clearly from the introduction as to the target audience of this book. The programme is based upon an enhanced form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, designed to help the reader break the cycles associated with their binge eating, which has been developed and updated after years of clinical research. The book is however written in a way that is readable and engaging, using interviews from real-life people who have used the programme, giving context to some of the feelings that people can experience.

Fairburn is clear at the start of section two that the programme shouldn’t be used if the individual is underweight, and also compels the reader to consider whether they are at a good point to undergo self-help. The book may also be a good reference point for family members and friends who are looking to further their own knowledge on the problem, and also how they can help someone overcome binge eating.

The book is separated into two clear sections, comprising of a comprehensive overview of the facts around binge eating and a structured self-help programme that can be done individually or with the support of a therapist or family member/friend.

Whilst the author suggests that only a few chapters of the first section are compulsory reading, it can be helpful to get a firm understanding of the problem, especially considering that there is still a high level of stigma surrounding binge eating which may have made people feel that they are alone with these difficulties.

Throughout this informative book, the author is clear to stress that different options of support work for different people, giving suggestions and information of how to find alternative support if the reader feels that this approach hasn’t worked or is unsure it is right for them. This is a concept that can be successful for some however the author encourages the reader to suspend the fear of failure when using the book:

If you decide to use this self-help program and make a determined effort to do so, there can be no question of failure. If things do not improve, the program simply was not right for you; it will have failed, not you. And if that is the case, there are many other options available.

If you feel self-help for binge eating is something you wish to consider, this programme may be one for you to consider. The structured approach can help break down the big barriers that can prevent recovery, into smaller and more manageable steps, building upon each one as you move forward with the program.

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