Here for you, thanks to you: our Impact 2020-21

Thank you for your support and advice. I can't tell you how much better I feel for just talking to someone who understands. Helpline Service user
Thank you to everyone at Beat, and your sponsors, for giving us hope that we can overcome this nightmare we have found ourselves in. I know that we will be able to do it because you are there to help and guide us at every step along the way. Carer

People with eating disorders have been terribly affected by the pandemic, from struggling with the restrictions of lockdown and increasing isolation, to longer waits for treatment and disruption to the strategies they use to cope.

We’ve seen this first-hand as more people sought support from our Helpline than ever before, from 3000 people in March 2020 to over 12000 just one year later.

We managed to keep up with this rising demand thanks to you and your creative ways of raising funds for us, from making and selling masks to doing sponsored events in your back gardens.

Thanks to your amazing support, we were able to create new support services, train nearly 100 new volunteers, and move all our training online, so that everyone could attend from their own home. We also increased our campaigning, including pushing all UK medical schools to ensure that all newly qualified doctors are equipped to respond to eating disorders properly.

Looking to the year ahead, we have many new challenges. We’ll need to continue to meet the ever-growing demand on our Helpline. We’re also starting a two year project to provide extra support to 50,000 carers of people with eating disorders and we are determined to make serious in-roads in ensuring that all health and medical professionals have the knowledge they need to deal properly with eating disorders.

Whether you’ve made a one off or regular donation, or were one of the hundreds of fundraisers who supported us this year, your generosity has made a huge difference to ending the pain, suffering and loss of life caused by eating disorders. Thank you.

Andrew Radford
Chief Executive

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