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New message boards for those struggling with lockdown

In response to overwhelming demand for Helpline services since the beginning of the pandemic, Beat has launched a new confidential message board space for anyone in need of help.

Sufferers and those supporting someone with any eating disorder are invited to use the message boards for support, including the opportunity to talk to others in a similar situation. Beat ambassadors, who have lived experience of an eating disorder and are now fully recovered, will also post and offer guidance and advice to people using the community.

To ensure posts meet content guidelines and stay a safe space for everyone, the message boards will be moderated between the hours of 9am and midnight by a Beat advisor or volunteer.

The new message boards form part of Beat’s coronavirus response, which includes 365-day-a-year support from the Helpline, one-to-one webchats and online support groups.

Beat’s Head of Support Services, Samantha Turton, says:

 “Wherever you are in your eating disorder journey, Beat’s message boards are for you. Whether you’re sharing that there is something wrong for the first time, facing relapse, or maintaining a stable recovery, you will find a community which supports each other, laughs, commiserates and recovers together.

“It is a resource for recovery that meets you where you are. You can come back to helpful threads whenever you want, get lots of different perspectives on a problem that you or someone you care about is facing, or use your own experiences to reach out a supportive hand to others.” 

You can join the conversation here