Bringing people together to Beat eating disorders

Posted 05/02/2018

On Saturday 17 February, the University of Reading award winning Whiteknights campus will play host to the first ‘Walk &Talk Reading’. 

‘Walk & Talk’ is a light-hearted walk around the campus grounds to raise awareness of eating disorders and funds to support Beat, the UK’s eating disorder charity.

Members of the public as well Beat’s supporters will take a 3km walk, starting off at the University’s Student Union at 2pm, around the lake and gardens, which have been recognised as one of the top green spaces in the UK by the Green Park Award.

The event will be a great opportunity to relax and meet new friends whilst talking openly about eating disorders. 

This event has been arranged by Beat’s University Team Leader, Nicole Dorrington, a volunteer who works with the charity, championing their vision at the University of Reading.

Nicole said: “Eating disorders are surrounded by a great deal of stigma, stereotypes and misconceptions, which creates additional challenges for those in their recovery.

“Talking openly and positively about mental health is fundamental to show there is no shame in these illnesses, helping sufferers to find the courage to seek and engage with the treatment they deserve.

“’Walk & Talk Reading’ will be an opportunity for us to meet new friends, walk away from eating disorders and into a future of health and happiness together.”

Beat’s Regional Officer, Toby Upson Regional Officer, said: “Sufferers of eating disorders face stigma, secrecy and misunderstanding every day. 

“At Beat, we know that talking about eating disorders can be difficult. But sharing experiences and views is vital if we are to remove the stigma often associated with these serious mental health illnesses.

“Nicole has been fantastic and arranged this event all by herself, she is a true inspiration and positive role model for students nationally.”

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