An update from Beat as we adjust to the second lockdown

Posted 12/11/2020

As we adjust to increased restrictions again, Beat continues to respond to the coronavirus crisis and its impact on people with eating disorders.

Sadly, the effect of the coronavirus and resulting restrictions on people with eating disorders has been devastating. We’ve seen a steady increase in the number of people contacting us with new symptoms of eating disorders, and we know that the recovery of many more is at risk. This second lockdown could be even harder as it becomes clear that life will not be returning to normal any time soon, and that further lockdowns may yet be in store.

The first lockdown didn't scare me so much because I didn't really know what I was getting myself into, but this second one has really affected me.

Beat is committed to being there for everyone who needs us during this crisis. Anyone affected by an eating disorder, including those supporting someone, can use our services:

  • Our Helpline hours have recently increased, and it is now available from 9am – 8pm on weekdays and 4pm – 8pm weekends and bank holidays.
  • We’ve extended the hours of our coronavirus support group, The Sanctuary. This is now available for the same hours as our Helpline.
  • We also run weekly support groups for those experiencing anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder, as well as a group for those supporting someone with an eating disorder.
  • Earlier this year we reopened our message boards, giving people an additional place to get support and share their experiences.
  • As we approach Christmas, a difficult time of year for many people, we’re offering our Coping with Christmas training course to anyone caring for someone with an eating disorder.
  • Those supporting someone can also attend Solace, video-based peer support running at various times throughout the week.
  • Finally, we have written and will continue to update our advice on coronavirus and eating disorders.

We’ll continue to adapt in line with the government’s measures and the needs of those who use our services.

The generosity of our supporters is what’s allowed us to keep our services running during these difficult few months. We couldn’t have done this without you – thank you. If you’re able to donate, or to get involved with our winter fundraising, that helps us to continue being here for people affected by eating disorders.