BBC Lifeline Appeal

Filmed at a safe social distance during lockdown, the show was hosted by Doctor Who actor Christopher Eccleston who spoke movingly about his own experience of an eating disorder and how important it is for people to get help.

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Christopher says: ‘I am honoured to support this appeal for Beat, the UK’s eating disorder charity, a cause that is very close to my heart. I have personally battled with an eating disorder for many years. At its worst, it felt like being in hell. The illness consumed my thoughts all day, every day and I struggled in secret.

‘There’s a stigma attached to eating disorders, and particularly from a working-class background, I felt ashamed of my illness. But anyone can suffer from an eating disorder, regardless of gender, age, race or background.

‘Thanks to Beat, no one has to suffer alone. Their Helpline and online services are available 365 days a year for anyone worried about themselves or a loved one. They help people understand their illness and take steps towards recovery.’

Beat’s Chief Executive, Andrew Radford, says: ‘The past few months have been especially difficult for us as a charity, with demand for our Helpline services soaring while we face significant risks to our income. The appeal will help raise awareness of our vital work along with essential funds, and we are very grateful to the BBC for the opportunity and to everyone who has contributed to the film.’