Set up a Beat Society

Starting a Beat society at your university is a fantastic way to raise awareness of eating disorders, bring Beat campaigns to your campus and plan exciting fundraising events. Meet new people, develop valuable skills, and contribute to Beats vision to end the pain and suffering caused by eating disorders.

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What you need to do

There are a few steps you need to go through to become an official society – this will be done through your Student Union (SU). The rules and guidelines you need to follow to set up a society may be available on your SU website, or through meeting with an SU representative or staff member. They will be able to help with information such as:

  • Applying to become a society and any deadlines you need to know about
  • The volunteer roles (committee) you need in place to lead the society
  • How many members you need to start
  • Whether funding or grants are available to help support your society
  • Your society constitution

Once you have this information, a dedicated member of the Beat team will help you from the very beginning when forming your society.

Once you become a Beat society, we’ll support you with planning your activities throughout the year. You could raise awareness to groups of students by hosting our Beat Ambassadors who deliver talks about their personal experience, get involved with our nationwide fundraising campaigns, or put forward your own ideas. We are here to help.