Captain Tom 100

Join us for the Captain Tom 100 challenge this April and help those affected by eating disorders. Simply take the number 100 and do it your way!  

Let’s unite and do what we do best in my father’s name: get together, have a good time and raise money for a worthy cause.Hannah Ingram-Moore

This past year has been the toughest challenge Beat has ever faced. Demand for our Helpline has soared by a staggering 302% since lockdown started back in March 2020!  

People with eating disorders need Beat now just as much as during lockdown. Going back out in the world can be just as stressful as being stuck indoors. And we urgently need your help to ensure we can be here for them.  

The Captain Tom 100 challenge is a simple and fun way for people of all ages and abilities to do their bit to support the charities they love. Just take 100 and “do it your way”! 

You will have between Friday 30 April - Monday 3 May to complete your challenge.  

Sign up to help people affected by eating disorders

To commemorate what would have been Captain Tom’s 101st birthday, his daughter Hannah and the organisers of the UK’s biggest events have come together to create The Captain Tom 100, celebrating his incredible legacy of inspiring people across the UK that no matter how small, we can all make a difference. 

Captain Tom used to say, “tomorrow will be a good day.” Let us celebrate his generosity of spirit, the hope and joy he brought us all, by coming together and raise funds for Beat.

Take on Captain Tom 100 for Beat 

Not sure what to do? Here are some ideas to get you started: 

  • Make 100 hair bands on the sewing machine  
  • Make 100 handmade cards  
  • Plant 100 seeds  
  • Create a blanket with 100 crochet squares as a team to create the finished piece together 
  • Pick up 100 pieces of litter 
  • See how many yoga poses you can do in 100 minutes /100 seconds   
  • Take a 100-hour social media break  
  • Bake 100 cupcakes or pancakes  
  • Do 100 football keepie-uppies or headers 
  • Do 100 minutes of gardening  
  • Virtual crochet or knit-a-thon with your friends to knit 100 hats/socks 
  • Quiz with 100 questions  
  • Walk 100 steps outside  
  • Write a poem about recovery that has 100 lines or words  
  • Have a danceathon with family and friends for 100 minutes  
  • Juggle for 100 seconds  
  • Hop for 100 meters around your garden (or home!)  
  • 100 minutes of Meditation  
  • Drawing competition– draw each other in 100 seconds  
  • Do 100 sit-ups 
  • Share your story on Captain Tom’s Birthday (30th April) and help us raise funds and awareness    
  • Write 100 letters whilst sitting in a chair  
  • Cycle 100km in 4 days  
  • Have a clear out and give 100 items to charity (can be a group activity) 

Downloadable resources

Set up a Just Giving page

Please follow our Fundraising Guidelines to ensure your fundraising is suitable, legal, and safe for everyone involved. It’s important to choose a fundraising activity that is right for you.  It’s especially important that you choose an appropriate fundraising activity, if you have previous experience of an eating disorder or are in recovery.