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Free services for carers based in York

Based in York and supporting someone with an eating disorder?

We know it feels harder than ever right now - but our free services are here for you.

Check out what's available below and find the right support for you.


Reflect and collaborate with others caring for someone with ARFID.

  • Eight 90-minute group sessions
  • For anyone caring for a young person (5-15) with ARFID
  • Join us weekly



  • A safe space, empowering you to support your loved one.
  • 12 weekly one-to-one calls with a trained advisor
  • For anyone (18+) who is caring for a loved one (13+)

Developing Dolphins

Gain confidence, communication skills, and other ways to support your loved one.

  • Five online workshops based on the New Maudsley method
  • Learn from trained clinicians
  • Sign up for free via our online learning platform, POD