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Services for Carers in Scotland

Beat is pleased to be able to offer a range of services for carers in Scotland.

Solace is a free video based support group hosted weekly over zoom. Its for anyone supporting somebody with an eating disorder and gives you the opportunity to share your feelings and get support from others in a similar situation.

Nexus is a new telephone support service for parents, sibling, partners and others caring for a loved one who has an eating disorder. Through Nexus you'll be able to connect each week with a trained Beat advisor who'll provide you with a place to talk through what you're going through and empower you to help your loved one towards a positive change. Nexus is currently funded in Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland, London and Essex

Training courses - Beat runs a number of skills workshops for carers and those supporting someone with an eating disorder. Developing Dolphins is a work shop for those who have been caring for a loved one with anorexia nervosa and / or bulimia for less than 5 years. Coping with Christmas is a skills based workshop, helping carers gain valuable to ensure celebrations and gatherings are stress free. Training for parents and carers