Coronavirus and Eating Disorders Visit the hub

CICADA-ME: Coronavirus Intersectionalities: Chronic Conditions and Disabilities and Migrants/Ethnic minoritisation.

What is the purpose of the research?

We are interested to see how the pandemic has made it harder to access appropriate support, health and social care or vital needs, and how pandemic recovery opens an opportunity to improve this situation.

Who can take part?

People who have a long-term eating disorder (diagnosed or undiagnosed) and who have a background from North Africa/the Arab League; Central-Eastern Europe; South Asia; Sub-Saharan Africa, or undocumented/migrants.

What does the study involve?

The interview will involve talking with a researcher about your experiences of the pandemic. Interviews 30-60mins. Participants get £20 shopping voucher.

How can someone take part?

Email Lorna Collins

Author, affiliation, email address:

Dr. Lorna Collins, Research Fellow, University College London,

Recruitment for these interviews must end on October 30.