Author: Natasha Devon and Lynn Crilly

Date Of Publication: 03/10/2017

The founder of The Self-Esteem Team (who deliver PSHE workshops in schools) Natasha Devon joins forces with the author of ‘Hope With Eating Disorders’ Lynn Crilly, to provide a guide that could be useful for anyone living or working with young people. The authors write from both their professional and personal experiences to give an insight into their observations both on the reasons behind low self-esteem, as well as practical ideas of how to make improvements.

The book covers a wide range of topics that are common concerns for the target audience, such as bullying, sexuality, body image, sports and the arts, and the internet. People are also often worried about how to talk to someone they are concerned about when it comes to mental health issues and ideas on how to do this are included throughout. The authors have managed to encapsulate the complexity of the issues presented in an engaging and friendly tone, without overwhelming the reader, reducing the sense of responsibility that a reader may feel:

The truth is no one gets it right a hundred per cent of the time. No matter how comprehensively you try and cater to your young charge’s needs, there will be some things that you cannot control, some lessons they need to learn on their own…

Whether you are worried that someone is struggling with an eating disorder or self-esteem, this book provides a narrative that may help the reader understand some of the reasons why they may be feeling like they do, as well as offering ideas of steps you can take to help make a positive change.

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